Sunday, October 2, 2011

I should be sleeping...

...but if I don't do this now, then I don't think it will get done and I really want to do it:)

Here's a General Conference dealio from Diapers and Divinity.

Oh how I loved GC this October. I always love it, but the boys did so much better at not being crazy loud this time so Bret and I could catch a lot more. Very enjoyable:)

Here's the scoop, according to Lindsey:

General Conference Highlights, October 2011

1. Who were your three favorite speakers?

Just three?! Then I'm going to go with Elder Scott, Elder Ardern, and President Monson...and Elder Bennett...and Elder Curtis...and Sister Dalton...and President Uchtdorf...I can't pick three!

2. Which talk spoke to you the most?

Definitely Elder Ardern's.

3. What was your favorite Hymn and why did it move you?

Praise to the Man. Because I always love that one, singing with thousands of people always gets me, and I was on a spiritual high from Elder Ardern's talk.

4. Which speaker was the best dressed? (Come on, we can have a little fun.)

I forgot to pay attention to I have no idea. I really liked Sis. Dalton's hair...

5. Were there any topics that you felt like were repeated often? Any conference “themes”?

Scriptures and repentance seemed to be hit on lots.

6. Share a few of your favorite quotes from any of the talks (paraphrasing is fine).

I'll definitely paraphrase (i.e. misquote with a general gist).

"Compared to God, man is nothing. And yet we are everything to God." -President Uchtdorf

"Poor use of time is a cousin of idleness." -Elder Ardern

"Motherhood is what God gave you time for." Elder Anderson

"Our code of conduct is definitive. It is not negotiable." -Pres. Monson

"In a world where everything is changing, His constancy is something on which we can rely." - Pres. Monson

"I know you can do this." Elder Richardson

"You can learn the language of the Spirit." -Elder Cornish

"The Atonement covers all the unfairness of life." -Elder Cook

"I love you. I pray for you. I ask you to remember me in your prayers." -Pres. Monson

7. Name something(s) that made you smile or laugh during conference.

The way everyone gasped (including me!) when the second Provo Temple was announced.

8. Was there any evidence that your children paid attention?

A bit and with prompting. They'd recognize some faces and give some simple topic answers like "scriptures" and "Jesus."

9. What doctrine did you learn as you listened to the choir(s) sing?

A reaffirmation. And timely, too. Every so often I get so bogged down with sadness knowing that there are innocent little children suffering horrible things all over the world, many at the hands of those who are supposed to be their protectors. I can hardly bear to think about them. It hurts so much that I pour my heart out to Heavenly Father to be with them and to help me not think about it so I can function. The choir sang this verse in "Consider the Lilies."

Consider the sweet tender children who must suffer on this earth. The pains of all of them he carried from the day of his birth.

It spoke tons of peace to me. He's got them covered:)

10. Did the music enhance your General Conference experience? How?

It always does. Music and I are tight. Music speaks to me on a much deeper spiritual level than anything else.

11. What are some of your post-conference goals?

The only one I really want to share now is to not slip back into normal habits only to kick myself for not progressing as much as I wanted to when Conference rolls around again in April. I don't want to forget. I want to progress and meet the goals I've set.

I made so many notes on things to look up and talks to re-read so I can get things that I couldn't write down fast enough. What a glorious blessing General Conference is!

Those are my highlights. Will you share yours, too?


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Wow. You did such a good job of remembering quotes. Thanks for participating in the meme. We loved the same songs, too.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Your thoughts on children are tender to read! :)

Tristan said...

Great notes. It's neat reading everyone's answers to the questions. I had a hard time and couldn't choose 3 favorite speakers either.
Elder Arden's talk was one I missed dealing with kids and dinner, so I'm off to listen to it.

Becky said...

You reminded my of quotes that I loved that I had already forgotten! See how much I need this? Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing all the quotes...I missed a lot of them!

Tiffany said...

Love all the quotes! I can completely relate to not wanting to slip into old habits post-Conference. I also hope that we can keep that fire burning bright over the next six months until we get to do it all over again! :)