Sunday, January 30, 2011

Label, label, label

In today's society, I can be known by many labels.

Closed minded.

Old fashioned.

Religious sheep.



I'm disappointed when these labels start coming out. It usually means that conversation has degraded into grown up name-calling and any semblance of intelligent sharing of ideals is lost.

I wish I could convey to those who bandy such labels around that they're not breaking me or disproving my opinions by calling me such things. Sure, the intent to offend and the knowledge that because I am these things means they think I'm mindless bother me. Not because I've had my feelings hurt; by definition, I am happy to be known by these labels. However, these days there is massive negative connotation with these labels.

Let's break it down-

Closed minded. This is one I would argue with. I think I am more open minded than anyone who accuses me of having a closed mind. To have an open mind is to be willing to consider new ideas and information; closed minded is the exact opposite. No where, in any definition I have read, is it required to embrace those new ideas and information to be considered open minded. I never hear something new and dismiss it automatically. I have a mind of my own and I use it. So, having been faced with the notion that I am a closed minded person, I have examined the facets of such an idea and will now dismiss it as ludicrous;)

Old fashioned. Honestly, why is it bad to think that my grandparents way of thinking was a-ok? They were fantastic people whom we should all aspire to be like. It's a pity you didn't know them.

Religious sheep. Really? Jesus is called the Good Shepherd. Of course I want to be a religious sheep!

Prude. Thank you very much:) Such a label means I'm someone who has inhibitions, propriety; and I hope to always be "one who is easily offended by matters of a sexual nature." I don't think matters of a sexual nature are anything to be taken as lightly as the media would have us believe. Why is that bad? It isn't.

Housewife. Yes, I am found in my house the majority of my time. I am a wife. So...logically- housewife. And happy to be so. The world is a crazy place and I much prefer my home.

I'm sure there are other "derogatory" labels I can be known by, but I've devoted as much time as I want to to this for now. Time to go do my housewifely duty and put the boys to bed;)

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