Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sporadic musings by Lindsey

It's the very last day of June. 2010 is half way over. Too fast, life; slow down!!!

I took the boys to a farm this morning for playgroup. I had them in flip flops. They came home with very dirty feet. It was a nice day for it.

The Twilight franchise bothers me. The books, the author, the movies, the crazies that fantasize about fake characters. The whole business irks me. I made a t-shirt design last night, inspired by my one and only. The front has two intertwined hearts and it says "Team Bret." The back says, "Edward-shmedward. Mine exists." A bit cheeky of me, and I won't actually get it made, but there you have it.

Spiders are gross. Bugs have been a nuisance lately. Al and Goose are absolutely terrified and fascinated by creepy crawly things. We've had many discussions about bugs, that they live outside and we shouldn't step on them when they're outside, but they're not allowed in our house and inside is where we kill bugs. But I always conclude with, "Except spiders. If you see a spider, go ahead and stomp on it." Then we saw some daddy long legs spiders (or whatever they're really called) and I sat down on the patio with all the boys around me while we watched the daddy long legs and talked about how that was an okay spider that wouldn't hurt us and would eat lots of the bugs we don't want so we shouldn't step on it. I thought during that conversation with my boys and a bit since, that most spiders serve a purpose and were created by Heavenly Father. I should try to not be so freaked out by them and appreciate their...forlackofabetterword-beauty (makes me shiver just saying it!). I've tried. Really, I have! It's worked a bit. I haven't had to suppress the desire to scream when I see a spider in the house and have to kill it. That's progress...right?

My birthday is coming up. I'm beginning to feel old. I went on vacation a couple weeks ago to visit friends I haven't seen in far too long. I stayed up way too late two nights in a row and it took at least a week for me to feel not completely wiped out. I got stiff sitting in the car during the drive to and from. I really am getting old...eep!

There are too many decisions to make. I would really like to throw off responsibility for a week and have someone else take care of it so I would get a break from it and I wouldn't have to face it when I got back:) Not gonna happen, but it's nice to think about.

And this mindless post has gone on much longer than it should have.

I'm excited for July. It's one of the awesomest months ever.

I think I'll go introduce Jonzy to the Declaration of Independence.

Until tomorrow, then.

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