Monday, February 1, 2010

Four year old imagination

Here's a conversation I had with Jonzy today:

J-Mom, my room needs some air. I want to turn on the fan.
Me- Turning the fan on would make your room cold; I don't think we should because I want the house to stay warm.
J-(contorting and twisting trying to scratch his back)Mom! I'm all itchy! I need to the fan on to make me not itchy!
M- The fan would just make you cold. It won't stop you itching.
J- (squinting and in a strained voice)Mom! I need the fan on so my eyes won't be hot.
M-(cracking up inside) If we did that the rest of your body would be too cold.
J-I'll hide the rest of my body so it won't get cold.
M-Where will you hide it?
J-Under my bed.
M-Hmmmm, good idea. But let's just keep your body warm and the fan off instead.
J- *huuuuuhhhh*Okaaaaay.

I feel like such a kill joy, but hopefully made up for it by laying under the covers and chatting with my little four year old where we were nice and warm:) We also ended up having a snoring contest. Funny, funny, funny!

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