Thursday, February 18, 2010

Injuries- Thankful Thursday

Last night I had all three boys in the twins' room while prepping the little boys for bedtime. I had Goose up on the changing table, halfway dressed in his pajamas. Jonzy and Al were on the rocking chair. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jonz hop off the chair. Al was still rocking. But next thing I know, Al is laying on his stomach on the floor between the rocking chair and the foot stool screaming his head off. I have no idea how he fell, even though I was standing right there and he was in my peripheral vision. I also have no idea how he hit his head on the stool, but he must have.

I yelled over the screaming for my husband. He tried to calm Al down, but the kid just wouldn't stop screaming. He ended up throwing up and I immediately thought, "Oh no, not a concussion!" Then Bret spotted the blossoming bump and scrape right next to Al's right eye. The little fellow is fine. Bret got him calmed down and changed into pjs. We're guessing he threw up because he was screaming so hard. We gave him some motrin, checked to make sure his pupils were dilating, and he slept fine. He's got a nice shiner now though.

I was so grateful last night that he didn't have a concussion. But this morning when I saw he had a black eye (the first for our family), I realized how grateful I am for all the protection our boys have had. Really, it's quite shocking that this is the first black eye. We pray multiple times every day that our family will be kept safe from accidents. And I've definitely seen much divine assistance in our boys' lives. Oh the close calls we've had!

I know that with three boys I've got to accept that we're highly likely to suffer through broken bones, stitches, concussions, and emergency room visits. I am so grateful that we haven't had to yet! I have this recurring nightmare that one of the boys will break their arm or leg and I have to figure out some way of getting them to the hospital without hurting them more. (How do you put a child with a broken appendage in a car seat?!) I'm really hoping we can hold off on the major injuries until the kids are older (and out of car seats:)).

I'm so thankful that my boys have been kept safe from major injuries so far in their young and rambunctious lives.

What are you thankful for today?

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