Monday, October 26, 2009


Okay, anti-vaccinators, I'm beyond ready for you to stop viewing me a stupid sheep and horrible mother. I understand why you don't vaccinate your children. I understand why you choose to have a delayed schedule. What I don't understand is why my opposite opinion makes me an idiot.

I've done research. I've talked to the doctor in depth about this. I know there are toxins in vaccines. Thimerosal, MSG, formaldehyde, etc. Ew, gross, yuck, etc. There's also disease in vaccines! If we're going to get nit-picky about things, maybe we can talk about TSP in Cheerios? Yes, believe it or not, TSP is an ingredient in Cheerios. Never heard of it? It's a potent chemical substance used as a wallpaper stripper. Did you know that? Maybe I'm not such an ignorant idiot after all.

Really, there's so much stuff out on the internet that if you want to find "proof" that vaccines do more harm than good, you'll find more than your fill. And if you want to find "proof" that vaccines are beyond worth the risk, you'll find more than your fill.

I've concluded that following the immunization schedule recommended by the AAP is what we will do for our family. It's not what I would wish for in a perfect world. No, in a perfect world there wouldn't be diseases to worry about in the first place. In my near-perfect world wish, my kids bodies could be made immune to harmful diseases by merely eating a single carrot every week. But I don't live in my near-perfect world. In the world I live in I hate taking my kids in for shots. I pray extra hard for the three days surrounding "shots days" that they won't suffer any bad effects from them since it's my choice and not theirs.

I'm not an idiot. I do care about my children, probably much more than you do. Choosing to follow a vaccination schedule does not make me a bad mom. Please stop judging me and poorly for it and calling me a sheep; I get enough of that about my religion, but that's a whole 'nuther ballgame;)


Bret said...

What's so wrong with "blindly" following what the doctor tells me to do anyway? The fact is, I can't go out and conduct clinical tests and research myself. I have neither the time nor resources. So I have a couple of choices: I can trust the majority of those in the medical industry who have thoroughly researched the matter, or I can go with fringe alarmists who have a study here and there. I don't know who's right, but I'm not so prideful as to think that I am more qualified than a doctor to make sense of the issue.

(And no, I don't buy the drug company conspiracy theories, either)

Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

Oh! Also! Do you prohibit your children from having caffeine? Have you seen what it does to the brain (and spiders)?

How about aspartame? You know it breaks down to formaldehyde in the body, right? Better keep them away from fruit, too—the same amount of fructose, the all-natural sugar occurring in fruit, breaks down into more formaldehyde than aspartame. (And that the body is equipped to handle either amount.)

Literally millions of children have been vaccinated, and the overwhelming, vast majority of them had no ill-effects, other than the occasional fever. I love the hysteria mongers who claim there's an "epidemic" of autism spectrum diseases because of mercury in vaccines. Coincides nicely with the mercury being removed from vaccinations—and, oddly enough, vastly expanded definitions for autism spectrum disorders.

And who are the sheeple?

Lindsey the Muse-r said...

Yes, Jordan, yes!
And I've heard Coke can do some pretty awesome things. Is spider extermination one of them?

Summer Willard said...

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Melanee said...

This is funny. I was totally wondering last time I was at your house if I was the only vaccinator in the crowd. I suspected not.