Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

The tantrum fairy is gracing us with her presence today and I, for one, would like to give her a swift kick in the can and send her out the door.

That said, I am very thankful that I can take this "break" and remember what I am grateful for. Today I am thankful for anticipation. It makes life so much more exciting.

This evening I am looking forward to gathering with the women of my ward and perhaps starting to remember names with faces and make some friends. The anticipation of getting together with some gals tonight and removing myself from the tantrum fest at home is bittersweet. I want so much to "get away" but I feel so selfish for thinking that. And who knows, I may find that no one wants to talk to me tonight. Still, it should be an enjoyable evening.

I am also anticipating the Christmas season. While shopping for jeans for Jonz this morning, I couldn't resist the urge to walk down the Christmas aisles and check out the decorations. Jonzy got hold of something with a button and pushed it. It played a little Christmas song and I felt so happy thinking of Christmastime. I am extremely excited to celebrate for a solid month soon.

I am thankful for the happiness that these anticipations have brought me today and the fun I have anticipating other things in life. Good times, good times.

What happy things are you anticipating and what are you thankful for this Thursday?

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