Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The plight of the stay at home mom

I, Lindsey, stay at home mom of four years and counting, do solemnly swear and assert the following:

The life of a person employed outside of their home is a difficult one. She/he (hereafter referred to as she) does not "have it easy." She faces many hardships and challenges each day. She is entitled to the respect her position affords her.

In stating such, I hereby declare it uncool that she employs the tactics of playground bullies in seeking to raise herself up by making another seem inferior. Having asserted my knowledge that her life is hard, the use of such tactics is uncalled for and it is deemed necessary that she cease such practice.

She is therefore requested to desist in the promulgation of the following falsehoods:
  • Stay at home moms disgrace the name of women.
  • Stay at home moms have allowed themselves to be brainwashed.
  • Stay at home moms are wasting their education.
  • Stay at home moms are incompetent.
  • Stay at home moms are just lazy and ignorant.
  • Stay at home moms are simple minded.
  • Stay at home moms lead boring and unexciting lives with nothing to look forward to.
  • Stay at home moms are trapped.
  • Stay at home moms have lost their sense of self.
  • Stay at home moms are pitiful.
  • Stay at home moms are slaves.

I firmly proclaim my gratitude at her compliance and, most especially, in the reciprocation of the aforementioned sworn statement on this, the thirtieth day of September in the year of our Lord, two thousand and nine.

P.S. Here's a good summary of the day to day life of a stay at home mom: "Tell me about it."
It's funny cuz it's true.

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