Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I have to do something I hate very often these days as my family goes through the process of moving- conduct business over the phone.

I'm not a big phone talker and trying to do business over the phone is just aggravating.

Since this thorn in my side is currently getting pushed deeper, I figure I need to find something to be thankful for about it.

So- this Thursday I am thankful that I can do business over the phone and I don't have to drag my kids all over the place trying to do business in person. It saves on gas. It keeps the kids from being stuck in places where they aren't really welcome. It saves my ears the ache of listening to how they feel about being stuck in such places. It saves my arms the ache of getting everyone in and out of car seats all the time. I don't have to waste time in waiting rooms or lobbies or driving all over the place. Thank you telephone for helping me conduct necessary business without the extra hassles.

And with that, I am off to try and convince our lender that they made a mix up with home insurance. Yippee.

What are you thankful for today???

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Melanee said...

Way to look for the silver lining. I hate doing business on the phone because I feel like I could just be sitting there holding forever and as soon as someone is ready to help me, my kids need every single thing they can think of to be wiped, fixed, fed, or cleaned up. I guess that's just life for a mother with little ones.