Thursday, April 2, 2009

I don't get it

I am not a people person.

In order to have a good conversation, I rely heavily on the other person. Some might peg me as shy, but honestly, I just don't know what to say. Ask the right questions and I'll talk up a storm. Otherwise, I'll just listen to whatever anyone else is talking about. It seems that when you get three+ people together there's bound to be interruptions and talking over another person. I don't like competing to talk and I hate being interrupted, so again- I'll just listen.

I don't like crowds. I don't like lines. I don't like trying to conduct business with people when money is involved. If you've ever seen the musical "Scrooge," you might be thinking of the song "I Hate People" right about now. I admit that I hold some of the same sentiments that Scrooge sings about.

In crowds, people get agitated and mean. In lines, people get antsy and mean. In business, people get sneaky and dishonest or they brush you off before anything is decided on.

*We're gutting our house in preparation to sell and this means I've put lots o' stuff for sale on local classifieds. People call, they come, they see, and then I never hear from them again despite my calls (messages) to say, "Hey did you decide whether or not you want this item? I need to know whether I should hold it for you or move on to the next asker..." Honestly, how hard is it to say, "No thanks."??? I promise you won't hurt my feelings. Please stop wasting my time!*

And yet-

I LOVE people! People are great! I've come across some fantastically stupendous strangers. I have met some wonderfully awesome people that make me feel maybe I can succeed in this life business merely by being in their presence. I have amazing friends! I have the best family! And they're made up of people...

People are capable of, and show me (sometimes personally, sometimes things I read or see on the news), so much good. And then there are times when people are jerks or completely lack common sense, feelings for others, and/or manners.

What is this love/hate relationship I have with people???

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Trieste said...

I didn't know you guys were trying to sell your house too! The Beebes have theirs up for sale already. I don't think I'm ready for everyone to be moving out of the area. I hope I'm one of the people you at least somewhat like. I agree with you about people...some are great and some are well, not so much so sometimes.