Friday, January 2, 2009

Every once in a while...

As a mother of twins, I get my fair share of questions and comments from strangers plus three other people's shares. Most of the time I don't mind. I understand that twins are fascinating to many people. Most people's questions and comments are the same, the not very invasive/accusing kind. I've heard of some pretty ridiculous questions and comments, and thankfully I rarely get the crazy ones. But every once in a while I get a comment that grates on my nerves.

One that I've gotten twice really gets under my skin. Two different people upon hearing that I have three children have said, "Wow. You've been busy."

I replied, "When two come at the same time a family tends to grow pretty quickly." Then they step back and say, "Oh, you've got twins. Okay." As if it wouldn't be okay if they weren't twins. As if it's a bad thing to have three kids in four years. Really people, it's none of your business when someone else decides when to have a baby. And it's especially none of your business (not to mention inappropriate) to comment on another couple's "extracurricular activities."

For your enjoyment (and mine in getting these out of my head) here are the other replies that zoomed through my thoughts:

Playing dumb- "I don't get it. Busy doing what?"
Throwing "inappropriate question" back in their face- "And what else would you like to know about my sex life?"
Playing dumber- "Yes, three kids certainly do keep me busy."

Sometimes I worry a bit that the sarcastic, smart aleck punk in my head will actually sneak out and say something that I'll regret. Other times I walk away from a conversation wishing that the smart aleck punk would have been brave enough to make an appearance. I guess it's best for me to just let those comments roll off my back.

But honestly, why do people (especially complete strangers) feel like it's okay to ask such personal questions and make such inappropriate comments?

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