Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And just like that...

I just found out that one of my high school classmates was killed this weekend in Iraq. It's very surreal; I'm not quite sure what my feelings are on the matter.

I didn't know him too well. I dated his cousin, so we hung out a handful of times. I guess that means I knew him better than I knew a lot of other people in my class. I do remember that I thought his dog was hilarious. It's weird what you remember. And I remember hearing his mom say something that I would never have thought a parent would say to their teenager. Nothing mean or anything like that. Just an eye-opener for me to a part of the world I did not yet understand.

Wow, this is pulling up a ton of memories. Some that remind me how glad I am to be out of high school:)

Thank you, Justin, for your service and sacrifice for our country and for Iraq. I hope that peace comes to your family and loved ones soon.

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