Sunday, December 30, 2012


This post has taken me almost two weeks.  Sorry.  Sure, I'm behind on my Thankful Thursday posts, but hey- I just had a baby.  Better late than never, says I (on blog posts, of course; the baby was early).

What an incredible time we've been having here.  I have been continually astounded at the blessings poured out on my little family in the past couple weeks (and to be honest, the entire year of 2012).

Our fourth little man arrived in as smooth a fashion as possible.  Bret gave me a blessing the evening before, in which (among other sweet things) I was promised I would heal quickly and gain my strength back quickly.  Boy have I ever!  Day 8 post surgery marked a major turning point.  I made breakfast for the big boys and then sat on the floor for a couple hours and played legos with the boys.  I was able to spend much more time on my feet without feeling like my insides were burning. 

I told Bret yesterday that it feels more like we're on vacation now instead of me convalescing. 

I had a hard time coming home.  It's rough enough to lay in a hospital and know that others are having to take over your responsibilities while you struggle to just shuffle ten feet without passing out.  It's super rough to come home and have it right in your face that you can't do pretty much anything AND you're now a burden yourself on those who are taking care of what you usually do.  I tried to keep perspective; I know that I get better and that it's a great opportunity for others to serve- a great time of growth for all involved.'s also really hard to keep perspective in such situations as these, all that combined pain, hormonal roller coaster, exhaustion, etc. doesn't make for the clearest thinking.

It's getting easier, though.  And I have so many blessings to be thankful for today.

Blessings like-

Our beautiful new baby boy.  The experience with him so far is very different from the last two times.  He is easily consoled.  He eats well and has from the beginning.  He sleeps just like I expect a newborn to, and when he's awake he wants to be held but does not require continuous walking, bouncing, position changing, shushing, etc.  And he smiles so sweetly and so often in his sleep.  We are very smitten:)

Bret.  There are no words to do him justice.  Seriously, the English language is not sufficient.  I feel like every time I look at him, the love I feel for him triples.  And I can hug him again; no more side hugs!!  He's incredible and it's been a joy to see him so happy during this tiring time.

My sweet, amazing sons.  They accepted this massive change with joy and obediently (for the most part) stay quiet when they wake up before us in the mornings. 

My mom.  She's angelic.  No really, she actually is.  Put her together with my hugely fantastic father and you've got the best team ever.

My wonderful extended family and friends. 

Getting to take super hot showers again.  Christmas carols.  Losing 20+ pounds in less than two weeks.  Sitting down, standing up, and walking up and down the stairs with only an ache instead of a pain, sleeping without snoring like a 500 lb old man, sleeping for more than 20 minutes without needing to change positions, seasonal treats, family and friends bringing food, bouncy seats, scriptures, prayers, a house large enough to put the baby in his own room so the rest of us can get a bit o' sleep while he squeaks and grunts in his, the furnace keeping our house comfy and warm, the beautiful snowy landscape outside the windows, kleenex for my sick boys, sick boys coming back to health and the baby being protected so far (knock on wood), the portable heater that warms up the baby and I while I feed him in the middle of the night in the rocking chair by the window, dvd players in laptops that let my husband watch his baseball documentary while he sits up with the baby at night, the washing machine and dryer, crotchet blankets, Christmas lights and decorations in our lovely and festive home, movies with Bret, dry roads despite the snowy weather, and a zillion more things to be thankful for!

Oh, and watching my husband go out in our driveway last night and greet a friend he has not seen in something like 11 or 12 years.  It was a happy sight and sound:)

Life is so sweet right now and I am love-love-loving it!

What are you thankful for today?

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Laura said...

I'm thankful for YOU and the way you've always recognized the good around you. Thanks for your thankful posts!!