Friday, March 30, 2012

There was a moment... when driving my boys to a play in the big city.

A-HA's classic "Take on me" was playing on the radio.

At one of my glance-in-the-baby-mirror(yes, I have no babies, but I still love to see all my boys while I drive. Don't judge;))-to-make-sure-everyone's-happy checks, I did a double take.

For the next few minutes I secretly spied on my twins and smiled, smiled, smiled.

Al was lip-syncing his little heart out as well as someone who doesn't know the lyrics can.

Goose was air drumming like a master.

They were having a silent rock session and it was hilarious, joyful, and a proud moment to watch.

They're only four, but they certainly have a grasp of rhythm.

I love having little boys:)

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