Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's been a good week. Christmas was lovely. The last few days have been pretty great, too. Trying to reclaim the house has been taking a long time, but it's coming. We had a big first on Tuesday, too. We took all the boys to the movie theater. It went pretty darn well. The boys didn't even try to get out of their seats and wander around. Al got a bit scared and asked me if we could go home when the villain showed her true colors, but he's glad we stayed.

Like I said, it's been a good week.

I said I'd elaborate from last week's post. I still will, just not in great detail...cuz I'm lazy like that. My older brother had never been to the temple. We all looked forward to the time we could be there together and it looked like we were still a ways off. And then everything took off and there's my brother metaphorically sprinting to the temple with me trying to find a babysitter so Bret and I could catch up. Due to geographical differences, we have yet to get the whole family there at the same time, but how incredible it is to be this much closer. And how special it was to see my brother in the temple.

Last Thursday we trekked south to spend a fun evening with college friends. Traffic was awful, but once we got there we had a grand time. (How did we get so lucky to know so many good people?) We went to a lights display at a golf course. It was really good! We brought all the boys up into the front seat with us and it was so fun to drive around slowly and watch the boys' eyes and see how mesmerized they were. We're going again next Christmas!

That's that for a recap. How about what I'm thankful for today?


I love it when things are organized. Sometimes my concept of organization isn't quite textbook, but most of the time the textbooks and I agree. I go between having the urge to just purge my house of anything we haven't used in the last three months and being a pack rat because there may come a time when we really need that holey sock. Currently, I'm somewhere in between. I want to start my spring cleaning now. Kinda hard to do that in the middle of winter.

Maybe it's because the year (what?!?! 2010 just started! how can it be over already???) is ending and I want a fresh, extra organized start. Or maybe it's because the need to organize is burning my eyes and screaming in my ears.

Don't know for sure. I'm thankful to have a fairly organized home and look forward to organizing it even more:)

Happy New Year!!!

What are you thankful for today?

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