Monday, December 13, 2010

I've decided...

...that the responsibilities associated with owning a home, cars, and other expensive things is sometimes overwhelming.

...that it's not right that my memory was stellar before I had kids when the things I needed to remember and keep straight weren't nearly as vital and now that I really need a good memory, it's gone and I have to rely on calendars, dry erase boards, and scribbles on lost pieces of paper.

...that keeping three kids alive often feels like more than I can handle.

...that I think I'm doing a so-so job in doing more for them than just keeping my three children alive and hope I'm not woefully mistaken.

...that I have a hard time remembering in the moment to see things for the intent behind them instead of judging by actions alone.

...that the older I get the more songs about Jesus make me cry and I'm looking to be in big, embarrassing trouble in as little as five years.

...that raking leaves in December is not fun.

...that being a good teacher for Jonzy comes and goes and I shouldn't feel so bad about the "goes" times because we always get ahead in the "comes" times.

...that coming to decisions about anything is not easy.

...that I really want it to be Christmas already...except I have way to much to do between now and then.

...that I am quite rich when it comes to tender mercies.

...that I will never feel well rested again and most of the time I'm okay with that.

...that my boys need haircuts, three weeks ago.

...that I need a haircut!

...that you've read enough of what I've decided in the past few days for now:)

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