Monday, March 1, 2010


Throughout today I have gone between loving and hating line drying our laundry.

This morning the sun was shining and the temperature was over 40 degrees. I thought, "Perfect! I can catch up on laundry! Yay!" For those who don't know, it takes all day and then some for clothes to line dry inside and a couple hours outside (30 minutes if there's sunshine AND a warm breeze; come on, summer!).

So I caught up on laundry. I highly enjoyed hanging the clothes outside in the sunshine while the birds sang. I loved watching the clothes sway ever so gently in the breeze, thinking of how fresh and clean they'd be soon.

But after folding and putting away the twins' clothes, I put them in their freshly laundered pajamas and found that my youngest children smelled like dogs. Whaaaat? Dogs? Really? Of all scents to catch on a breeze did it have to be dogs? We have one dog nextdoor, how in the world did that scent attach itself so strongly to my boys' clothes. Zapped all the fun right out of it in one fell swoop.

And then, while hanging one last load inside this evening, I stuck a clothespin in my mouth and managed to get the minutest sliver in my lip that continues to bug me.

Why world? Can't I at least have clothesline drying remain simple, fun, and rewarding? Does everything have to have some level of emotional roller coaster attached to it?


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