Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Name change

I'm not a fan of referring to my boys by their first initial. Mostly because it gets confusing when I'm talking about A.

...A what?


So, I'm going to use some nicknames instead. J will now be known as Jonz, A is now Al, and W will be referred to as Goose. Yes, there is some sense behind those names. Jonz is a nickname my oldest has had since before he was born. A and L are my second-born's initials, hence the Al. And W sounded like a goose when he cried as a newborn so I started calling him my little goose.

Strange? Goofy? Insane? Yes, yes, and yes. But such is the world we live in. Where a mom with an over-active imagination combined with the fear of the being the one out of a million who has the worst happen to her family must go to extreme measures to protect the identity of her children online.

There you go. Objections and suggestions will be taken into consideration, so speak now or forever hold your peace.

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