Saturday, February 28, 2009


My, have I ever been forgetful! Two missed Thursdays in a row.

I had a fantastic day on Thursday. Mostly due to the sunshine, so this Thankful Thursday is devoted to sunshine. In the bleak winter months a bit of sunshine does me wonders. But a whole day of it?! We've practically had a whole week of it! It brightens up everything, including my outlook.

The boys and I took advantage of the sunshine and headed out to the zoo. J always loves the zoo and got so excited when I asked him if he wanted to go. A and W don't usually care one bit; they just sit quietly in the stroller and enjoy the ride (yes, I do count myself extremely lucky to have been blessed with twins who don't mind sitting in a stroller!). But this past trip they actually seemed to take notice of the animals. In the past week, W has been very excited about animals. He seems to especially love dogs...maybe that's because it's the only animal noise he can make so far. He would squeal and jabber and point at all the animals he saw. It seems that A only has a fondness for rhinos and cougars, as well as a fear of elephants. All in all, it was so nice to have an outing with the boys where all of them enjoyed it. And it was all made possible by sunshine:)

Well, that and the fact that my husband works hard and earns money, some of which was put toward a zoo pass...and the fact that we have a van that will transport all of us to the zoo...and a double stroller because we all know that I couldn't carry two kids through the entire zoo...

Thank you sunshine! and Daddy and van and stroller:)

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