Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thoughts. Random ones.

Moving makes me seriously consider selling most of our possessions.

I have a hard time not wanting to strangle the teenager who rides by numerous times on his dirt bike and feels the need to rev the engine loudly each time- while my exhausted and sick baby tries unsuccessfully to take a nap.

My Trooper is an angel.

I hate wadded up socks in the laundry.  They're usually the dirtiest ones and require my sticking my hands inside them to get them unwadded so there can be hope of them coming clean in the washer.  With four little boys (three of whom seem to never hear me say, "Put your shoes on before you go outside.") and one yard caretaker and scout camper extraordinaire- that is all I have to say about socks.

Jonz is my right hand man.

Far too often, I feel as though I am living in a den of wild and filthy animals.  Not having to say, "Go back and wash your hands" twelve times a day, receiving a look of surprise as if I've never said it before, would certainly go a long way in helping me not feel that way.

Al is pure enthusiasm.

I like essential oils.  Woke up yesterday with a sore throat, gargled some water with a drop of lemon oil in it- kapow, sore throat gone in ten minutes.

Goose's laugh is my life's comic relief.

As a fairly reasonable woman, I am slightly ashamed at how giddy a haircut and new dress makes me feel.

I am incomplete without Bret.  All Jerry Maguire jokes aside, we get along quite well when he's gone; I can manage hearth, home, and four monkey boys (*toot toot* that's my horn!), but I do better and feel better when Dad's around.  Not in an unhealthy dependence way, but in an I-feel-empty-when-he's-not-here kind of way. What can I say?  I love my eternal companion!

I am proud of my Jonz and his decision to be baptized.  My pure joy and anticipation of that event is somewhat tempered by the weight I suddenly feel, now that he has reached the age of accountability, to make sure I teach him what he needs to know.

Despite all these random things that constantly roll around in my mind and make it hard to think straight, I am thankful for the life they come from.  I am quite blessed in the life I have been given and all that comes from it- good and not-so-good.

What are you thankful for today?

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Emnacnud said...

formula, I found out my milk was not cutting it, and that Eva was way under weight and now 3 weeks with formula and she is 2 lbs more :).