Monday, May 13, 2013

If you build it, they will come

Long ago in times past I bought super adorable crib bedding for my firstborn.

It was only after he reached the age of climbing out of his crib that I learned- crib bumpers increase the risk of SIDS and can cause injury to an infant unfortunate enough to get tangled up in one while merely trying to sleep.

Live and learn, right.  (And be thankful my boy didn't suffocate in his crib!)

Then I had the twins.  Rolling into the side of the crib or getting stuck with legs or arms in the bars was never an issue with them.

So I never had to think about crib bumpers other than deciding not to buy another one.

..That...orrrr it's possible that's just more details I've blocked out from their infancy...tough to say.

Anyway, enter Trooper- sleep champion and angel (at least at night; naps haven't been predictable for a couple months.  But that's another story.).

Dude has been getting his legs caught in the bars all week.  Nap time. Night time.  It doesn't matter.  He get's stuck every time, at least once but often more.

It's sad to hear that I-want-to-be-asleep-but-something-is-NOT-right! cry.

And so I thought, "What we really need is some sort of mesh thing to keep his legs from getting stuck, but won't risk suffocation..."

I got online tonight to see if someone else had the same issue and the ingenuity to create the product to boot.  Wouldn't you know it- they did!

So I got on here to say:  I am so glad to live in a day and age when there are so many things invented to make our lives more comfortable.  And not just invented, but readily available to Joe Shmoe! 

I have a problem.  I think of a solution.  Someone has already invented, patented, produced, marketed, and distributed what I need. Tomorrow I drive to the store and pick it up.  Pretty awesome if you ask me!

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