Thursday, February 21, 2013

Random thoughts by Lindsey

Hello and goodbye, Thursday.  You've been long, you've been tiring, you've been good, you've been bad, you've been a fine example of every aspect of life today.  Let's call it a night, though, shall we?

My baby has the flu. 

It's sad to see his little eyes so red and to hear his "I am so sad, you have no idea!" cry.  He's normally not much of a crier.  He grunts and whines and fusses often, but he rarely cries with fervor anymore now that we understand each other fairly well.  And his sad cry is extremely rare, it's usually a "that sudden noise totally freaked me out" cry or "don't you know I'm starving here?!" cry.  So yeah, kid's been crushing my heartstrings today with his sad crying.

He spent the morning so lethargic that I took him to the doctor just to make sure he didn't have anything more serious than the flu.  He spent the evening wide awake for nearly six hours- the longest awake stretch he's ever had.

Curse the flu.

In other baby news, I may have narrowed down some nickname ideas for the youngest member of our family.  I didn't have any trouble coming up with nicknames for my other boys.  I wonder why it's such a struggle this time...

I wanted to call him The Sunshine Kid seeing as how he's such a source of joy for our family and that's a nickname used for his namesake uncle.  But that's too much to type and a "mouthful" to read so we won't use that one, at least here on the blog. 

I'm thinking we either call him Trooper because he puts up with so much like a champ.  Or Tracer- an obscure reference to a character who shares his name.


I sure am thankful that my bout with the flu didn't cause any lasting damage to my milk supply.  We had some trouble for a couple days there, but everything righted itself and we're back to normal now.  And the proof is in my 12 pound bundle of joy.

I had fun with my twinners today.  They're finally recognizing the majority of the alphabet (still a few to work on) which is one of my least favorite things to teach, so I'm glad to almost have it behind us.  I'm thinking next week we'll start into actual reading lessons.  Very exciting:)  Al and Goose have been looking so much older to me since the baby was born.  The past few days, though, my perspective seems to have righted itself and I see my little boys again.  I love it.

But there's no getting around the fact that Jonz is growing up quickly.  He's growing taller and fast approaching eight years of age.  My goodness what a great little man he is.

I am so blessed with my four boys.  What a privilege it is to be such a large part of their young lives.

That's all from me.  What are you thankful for today?

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IsThisThingOn? said...

Poor lil guy. Hope he's feeling better soon. I like the nickname "Trooper". Seems very fitting! And somewhat adventurous...