Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A soft rant

Yes, a rant. Yes, ranting on such things is childish. Yes, I am usually bigger than this.
Yes, I would appreciate it if you gave me a break...I need one every now and again;)

This is a random* post combining annoyances I have on three fronts: the facebook drive-by (e.g. Status-"Just got the best news of my life!!!:):):)<3<3<3" Comment- "Yay!" Comment- That's great! What is it?" Comment- "You deserve good news. Love ya, gurl!" Comment- "Oooo, I wanna know! txt me."), those who dish out advice opposite of what they live, and drama queens.

Funny thing is, if a person frequently does one of these they're 98%** more likely to also be frequent offenders on all three counts.

It is for interactions with these kinds of people that I sometimes wish I had a little pocket book with a page for each offender. On each page I would have written my five favorite direct quotes (with dates and references for context in case of disagreement) from said individual. Then I could use it for my own prideful and impossible purposes of showing them the error of their ways and leading the way back to being people of rational thought and action.

For example. The next time someone tries to pull me into the latest episode of the soap opera that is their life, I can whip out my book, flip to their page, and say-
"Remember when you said back in September, 'Don't bring your drama to me. High school ended years ago and I'm done being around people who bring me down with their immaturity?' That's what I'm thinking right now. Just sos ya know." time I see or hear someone say or do something unkind to their significant other or child: Out comes the book, page found, and-
"Remember when you said, 'Cherish the ones you love, you never know when they'll be gone?'"

Putting together and using such a book would probably just get me punched in the face. I know I wouldn't like someone to use my own words like that in my less-than-ideal life situations.

But still...the idea won't die.

Hmm, maybe I should make a book for myself of things I say but don't always live up to...might save me from punching well meaning people in the face:)

*Yes, this post was inspired by a facebook drive-by of wise life-advice posted by a drama queen. All three in one place just screamed, "Rant on blogger- go!"
**Lindsey is in no way responsible for incorrect statistics made up in her mind on the fly based solely upon her personal observations and conversation with like-minded family and friends...even though she's most likely right (ah! there's that pride again...).

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Emnacnud said...

teeheheheh, ah yes I feel your pain, I feel your pain. You have my permission to remind me if I contradict myself or act in such ways, (bar new years). That is your job as best friend:).