Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just for fun

So, this video came to my attention today. It had me crying, it's so funny!

First of all, it's just plain hilarious.

But it is all the more hilarious to me because I totally get that!

Any time my emotions get above, below, kitty-corner, sidestepped, or diagonal to normal- I'm crying or trying really hard not to while my eyes fill up. If I start to get excited about something, I do my best to not be excited because I don't want to embarrass myself with tears. I'm a killjoy like that. Or if someone tells me something really sad, I look like a heartless jerk who doesn't care at all while really I'm having this internal struggle in order to avoid a mess of emotion.

Dumb tears.

So while I don't have the guts to share a video like this with the world (thank heavens none exist of me!), THANK YOU, Kristin Bell, for sharing and letting me know there are other weepy nuts like me out there.

1 comment:

Laura said...

oh sweetie - your occasional happy/sad/excited emotional meltdowns make you even more loveable ... and even more Babcock.
P.S. that video was truly funny.