Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There was a moment...

Here are some moments I've had lately:

While driving home from running a couple errands, I felt more than a little stressed and was trying to get my mind to settle so I could concentrate. I had tuned the kids out. Suddenly I realized that Goose was singing. He was belting out some song of his own creation at the top of his lungs, oblivious to anyone else in the car. He does this every once in a while. He'll just be in his own little world and singing, singing, singing; I L.O.V.E it. But he stops when he realizes I'm watching. Since I was driving and couldn't turn around to watch him, I just listened. And since he didn't know I was listening he just kept on going all the way home. It was a such a sweet moment forgetting everything else and listening to my little boy sing so happily.

Then there was the time Bret and I were talking in the kitchen a few nights back. At the end of the conversation I walked away to switch the laundry and Bret said, "Hey, Lindsey. I love you." For something that we say so often to each other, it's still wonderful to hear.

There have also been a handful of times recently when I've caught my boys looking so intently at something they're trying to figure out. It's such a joy to see them learning new things.

I've also decided that when people say, "You'll miss this," that I finally believe them. We are in a fantastic stage with three and six year old boys. I've been having many moments lately where I realize that this won't last forever and it makes the present that much sweeter:)

Have you had any moments you'd like to share?

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