Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am rushed. There's just too much to do before the weekend hits.

But I am forcing myself to slow down and blog for Thankful Thursday.

I've been hovering on the edge of that tempting pit of depression for a few days. Tears always right behind my eyes, despairing thoughts waiting in the wings for me to come and meditate on, and oh-the-exhaustion-during-the-day-and-insomnia-at-night. Blah.

I feel like I'm standing on that edge and someone is shoving me from behind while my heels scramble and dig in to keep me from falling. It hasn't been too difficult to stay out this time (and luckily I recognized it before I was actually in it this time), but I've been surprised that the temptations are sticking around longer than they have for a number of months.

Because of all this and it being Thursday, I am super grateful today for the gospel of Jesus Christ. For my family. For my husband. For my sons. And for Boylan's Ginger Ale;), except I think I'd prefer a root beer or black cherry right now, but our stock in the fridge has run out.

What are you thankful for today??


Jordan McCollum said...

I'm thankful I asked my husband for a blessing when I was on the edge of that same pit a few days ago. It was a very special experience for both of us! (Inspired completely by some thoughts Alyce Johnson shared during her testimony, from women's conf!)

Lindsey the Muse-r said...

Fantastic idea, Jordan. Thanks:)