Saturday, May 14, 2011

There was a moment...

Troubles with blogger on Thursday and busy-ness of life on Friday has canceled this week's installment of Thankful Thursday. Perhaps I could call today Sankful firstborn still occasionally lisps his th's as s's...


I wanted to share another moment.

Tonight, during dinner, I looked at my three sons; all clean cut in their fresh summer-is-coming haircuts.

99% innocent from the troubles and awfulness in this world.

Encompassed by learning the basics of happily living with other people and the beginnings of understanding the worth of deeper concepts such as delayed gratification.

In one quick moment, their potential hit me.

It was incredible and scary at the same time.

What will they become? These little, shirtless boys. Pushing spaghetti around their plates. Soft, round faces. Bright, beautiful eyes.

Will something steal that light from their eyes? What will they dedicate their lives to? Will they accept the light and truth Bret and I are offering to them? What will they look like when they're grown? Will they still love me?

While this could have been a sad moment, what I felt overall was happiness. There we sat, together around the dinner table, and there is so much in front of us. So much progress that we will have together and that Bret and I can see in our sons.

It also served as a reminder.

The time is fast approaching when they won't want to kiss me anymore.

When they won't lay their heads on my shoulder when they're sad.

When they won't bring me dandelions.

When they won't yell, "Mommy!" when they see me after a short time apart.

When they'll speak without any entertaining mispronunciations.

This is a precious time. An innocent time. And there is so much to treasure and enjoy about it.

And so I will renew my efforts to treasure the fleeting, wonderful things during this time of life with my boys.

And take more videos of them because they're ridiculously cute and their vocabularies will never again be so unique. When they speak normally, it will be fun to look back on this time in little videos.

Oh, how I love my boys:)

That was my moment tonight. Have you had any lately you'd like to share?

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Laura said...

What a cute post Linds. My thought when you talked about their potential was that they are so much more likely to REACH their potential because their parents made sure to preserve dinner time as a family tradition. Half an hour together EVERY night talking through the day and helping them learn about the world in the trusted environment of your home will do amazing things. You're a great Mom Lindsey!