Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who, what, when, where, how, and...


Why are we homeschooling? This is a question I get...a lot. Well, not so much anymore. Most people in my circle of acquaintance have already asked this question and received answers depending on their interest level.

The short answer is because that's what we've been led to do.

The less religious answer is because we want our children to be in a more controlled environment until we feel they're more able to handle the not so child-friendly aspects of the world.

The very involved answer is this:

The seed was first planted in Bret, where it flourished. He then tried to plant that seed in me, where I tried to throw it away, grudgingly planted it, and it struggled for years to really take root and produce anything.

The more I looked into educational options, the less I liked anything other than homeschooling. By divine intervention, I am now totally sold on the idea! Excellent student-teacher ratios, flexible schedules, personalized education for each child, hands on learning to the heart's desire, expanded social opportunities, homework-free evenings, exact knowledge of what my kids are being taught, clean environment, a whole world of curriculum choices and learning experiences, field trips galore, store discounts, not having to worry if the teacher likes my child or not, more time with my sweet boys, knowing the boys are more likely to be with me during an emergency, no bullies (just sibling rivalry;)), etc. etc. etc.

There are some cons, though, too. Main ones being any free time I did have is going to be taken planning school, oh and: I don't feel up to the task of being my sons' primary educator.

That last one has really been the only major hurdle I've had to jump in accepting that this is right for our family. I've had lots of help in getting over this hurdle, but sometimes I swing my leg back over to the other side.

I realize that I am already their teacher. I'm already teaching them many things every day. Life skills, manners, language, science ("But whyyyy do we need good food for our bodies?"). I know I can present the things they'd be learning in school, but will I be able to teach them and have the patience to really help them understand? My patriarchal blessing says I have the capability to teach the slow to learn as well as the gifted child. I'm trying to put more faith in what my Heavenly Father knows about me instead of what I fear about myself. It's not been easy and I'm still struggling with that. But He did put us on this homeschooling path and I'm confident that if I seek, I will find.

Education needs and decisions vary from family to family, and even from child to child. This is what is right for our family right now. And I am super excited!

Whew, that was one of the wordiest answers ever:) Any more questions??

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