Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An overturned vote

A federal judge overturned the gay marriage ban that CA voted for back in 2008.

My feelings on marriage are quite transparent. I am disturbed enough about this decision that I think it best not to go into the topic of gay marriage right now.

What I would like to get into is the reaction by some of those who support gay marriage. True colors shine through.

From those who are shouting for equality and fair treatment for all came hate speech, boycotts, destruction of property, disrespect for private property rules, etc. toward my church.

And what do I read today under the headline announcing the overturned ban, but a link to an AP piece about the Mormon church regretting the judge's decision, which was just another excuse to remind everyone of the money and effort church members put into passing Prop 8. "Hey guys, look what these bigots did!" Where is this love and fair treatment you speak of?? I confess my disappointment with the hypocrisy.

Of course the church regrets it, but so do many other people and institutions. Why are you singling us out? Why are you keeping up the hate? Practice what you preach, please, and recognize that the beliefs of the members of the LDS Church are just as personal as yours and deserving, at the very least, of civility.

Perhaps this will backfire in your face and more people will see that and be drawn to the Church and it's good work instead of spraying painting "bigot" on their LDS neighbor's house.

But I'd be content with you just stopping trying to pick fights all the time.

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