Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for the little things my kids do that make me so happy.

Like the way the little boys have taken to putting some toys in a bag or grabbing a toy car, and coming up to me for my attention and we have the following conversation-
Him: Bye!
Me: Bye! Have a good trip.
Him: (with a HUGE smile) chip!
Me: Be safe!
Him: seph.
Me: I love you!
Him: Uh ooo. Bye!
Me: Bye!

And they go traipsing off, only to come back two minutes later and do it again.

Or the way the boys equate my leaving at night to mean that I'm going to bring back Wendy's for them (which has only happened once! but their memories seem to have been quite impressed by it).

Or the way Al chants, "chick.uh.fies!" (chicken nuggets and fries)

Or the way Jonz fake laughs through his teeth and/or nose.

Or the way Al or Goose will bring their new favorite book to me to read and make the request by saying, "la la?"

Or the way Goose says, "ah.Mommy's?" every time I sit down to the table with my plate and he won't stop saying it until I reply, "Yes. This is Mommy's."

Or when we drive anywhere, the incessant way Goose will say, "Mommy? Mom? Mom? MOMMY?!" until I say, "What?" so he can point out the closest truck and say happily, "uh juck!"

Or the way Jonz will negotiate for something. "Two days? How 'bout two days, Mommy? Or wait! Four months. Can I have it in four months?!" Poor little guy doesn't know he's dooming himself to an interminable wait before he even asks for permission. But he's showing that he's beginning to have a greater understanding of time and I admire his smarts:)

I am so lucky to be home with my boys and that I get to enjoy so many of these moments. I am so thankful for my lot in life!

What are you thankful for today?

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