Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Just a couple weeks ago, I told myself that I was going to blog more often. Every time I make a goal fate combines its forces against me. One of my boys was uber sick and that threw life into an upheaval. Now he's almost back to normal and life is getting to a normal level of craziness. Maybe I'll be able to blog more often...maybe:)

This being Thursday and all, I figure I should pause to be grateful. This fateful Thursday I am thankful for my husband. I get to go to the temple tonight and he's going to wrangle the kids (during the difficult hours of dinner and bedtime, no less!) whilst I'm gone. Granted, I'll be returning the favor so he can go tomorrow night. But as I sit here stressing about A not taking his nap and trying to get the house ready to host my brother-in-law tonight and getting dinner ready on time, a night in the peace and wonderfulness at the temple made possible by my fantastic husband makes me smile.

Not only does he willingly and happily take care of things at home so I can have a night out every so often, but he washes dishes, changes diapers, vacuums, and watches Pride and Prejudice with me. Oh, and that business of going to work every day, dealing with the world, and making it possible for me to be home with our boys. I pretty much married the best guy ever!

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