Thursday, February 6, 2014


I admit- gratitude has been shoved to the back of my mind for a couple weeks.

It's not a happy way to live. It's not a sad way to live, either, but it's definitely not happy. It's

And I found today that getting out of the habit makes it difficult to get back into the habit.

I tried to think of things to be grateful for (a few things came to mind), but when I specifically tried to nail down how I'd seen God's hand in my life...I'm ashamed to say I struggled.

It didn't come as easily as it did just a couple weeks ago. It wasn't as clear to see what he's done for me today.

Don't worry. It came:) And it was accompanied by a warning/reminder to always try to keep gratitude in the forefront of my mind. This is vital part of the life I want to lead.

Today I am grateful for good friends and all the love I've felt in the last few days. I'm also grateful for Lemon Oreos, money, giggles, hope, Jesus, my laptop, my bed, space heaters, hot showers, hoodies, juvenile fiction, cell phones, pentel pens, cardboard boxes, and rolls of tape.

What are you thankful for today?

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IsThisThingOn? said...

LEMON Oreos? What about the elusive Cookie Dough Oreos? I've heard this may be a myth...