Thursday, December 12, 2013

"On December five and twenty..."

They say that writing is good for the soul.

Journaling is therapeutic and helps a person to work through their emotions. Writing out thoughts and seeing them on paper helps a mind to see things more clearly and better understand thoughts, emotions, reactions, etc.

So why is it that any time I've tried to sit down and write out my thoughts in the last months, that I don't like what comes out? What comes out doesn't feel like me, doesn't feel true to my core, doesn't feel productive or edifying...and you know me (or maybe you don't), if it's not edifying, I am not a big fan.

I refuse to believe that I am what I have written and deleted in the past months.

Cuz I'm not.

Yet I sit down to write and feel like I just start going in circles. It's insanely frustrating.

Every once in a while, something good and clarifying comes out of my efforts. But for the most part...circles, circles, circles.

Which may account for my lack of activity here.

Missed me?


Well, who needs you!

I'm going somewhere different this Thankful Thursday.

I'm going to pat myself on the back and talk about me, me, me, and how awesome I am.

Historically, I haven't taken compliments well. But I think I'm doing a swell job improving being able to recognize truth in compliments and accept them gratefully.

So today I'm going to run right past tooting my own horn, and blast some long, loud notes. It may seem self-centered, but since I never do this and I'm only really repeating things other people have told me- it's alright, right?

And who can't use a good pep talk in the mirror every so often?

I am ridiculously optimistic. Pollyanna ain't got nothin' on me.
I am 50 times more charitable and Christian than I was 15 years ago, even five years ago. My first reactions may not always be thus, but usually I am on to more charitable thoughts in mere moments.
I am one of the strongest women I know. No joke.
I may not have a ton of friends, but with the ones I make I am true blue. And so are they!
I am a good mom. I love my boys and I work hard to establish and maintain boundaries that will help them grow up awesome and happy.
I am a stellar wife.
I am wise and intelligent. Not as quick-witted as I wish, but who likes a triple threat anyway?
I make really cute kids.
I have super awesome taste in the arts.

Yeah. That's enough horn blasting for now, I think.

What about you?

What about yourself are you thankful for?


Jar and Steph said...

To answer your question, I did miss you! :) You're too cute, loved reading your list - I second everything you said about yourself!

Bret said...

Hand me that horn, will you --

You are selfless.

When you smile, people around you can't help but feel better.

You're inspiring; you remind me of all that once was good, and could be again (movie?).

You're not as quick-witted as you'd like, but you regularly make me laugh from the gut.

You're the most forgiving person I can imagine. In fact, I still struggle to believe it.

And you're smokin' hot. I mean, dangerously hot.

Emnacnud said...

Good tooting I like the idea,why as women do we feel bad for liking ourself? Good work linds and right on in every way, may I add loyal I have never had a more loyal friend, and easy to talk to...oh about me? I am easy going,a super mom and a good friend and a valient daughter of God (as are you my dear, as are you)