Thursday, June 13, 2013

Because all I can give you is random

Viruses stink and I hate them.

Essential oils are great and I love them.

Little league baseball is too fun for words.  I love the look on those kids' faces when they make an awesome play.

Little league baseball coaches seem to be in one of three camps- 1) teaching the kids the rules (written and unwritten), how to have fun, how to win and lose with grace, and how to appreciate this awesome game.  2) teaching the written rules and the most important thing is to have fun (except it's really to win at all costs).  3) What's baseball?/I don't have time for this.
I am super grateful that this year we finally have a coach from camp 1. 

Sleep is important and I can't seem to get my children to understand that. 

Apparently, you're never too old or too young to fall down the stairs.  I slipped yesterday and fell hard.  Still sore today.  I think this incident was meant to teach me to have more sympathy when my boys get hurt...Or maybe I'm just clumsy.

Baby voices are pretty much the sweetest thing in the world.

Ice cream makes the world go 'round.  When we move, I'm really going to miss the mom and pop shop here that makes wicked good Almond Joy ice cream and hot fudge.  But I'll still have ice cream from the grocery store.  So all is not lost.

Summer vacation is a beautiful thing.

Flies in the house, melted popsicle on the floor I just mopped, and wet towels everywhere are not.

It's five o'clock.  I should probably go make myself lunch...oops.

Take a moment to think about something you're grateful for.  It makes a world of difference:)

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