Saturday, May 15, 2010

I love Saturdays...At least Saturdays like this:)

It's been a lovely Saturday.

We slept in.

After breakfast, Bret mowed the lawn while I cleaned the kitchen.

We went grocery shopping; always a fun family activity.

We came home; Bret and I cleaned out the fridge and made lunch.

The little 'uns took a nap (actually, they're still in bed!).

Bret put together his new early Father's day present of a hammock stand.

Jonzy discovered that our lilac bushes (or are they trees?) have bloomed, so I cut some and brought them into the house. They smell heavenly.

I did round two of planting in the garden.

While gardening, Jonzy (who has been fascinated with death, and we have had many conversations of death, heaven, God's plan, etc.) sat in his chair by the garden and here's our conversation:

J: Mom, do you know everything?

M: Not everything, but I have learned a lot in my life.

J: Did Heavenly Father tell you everything?

M: Not yet. It takes a long time to learn everything, but I'll keep learning and I'm sure he'll teach me all of it eventually.

J: Does Heavenly Father know everything?

M: He sure does.

J: Will he tell it to me?

M: You'll have a long time to learn everything and he'll teach you what you want to know. You can ask him questions in your prayers.

J: Okay...Mom, are you going to die?

M: Yes, but hopefully not for a very long time.

J: I don't want you to die.

M: Well, I don't want to die yet, but I have to die someday. And it will be okay, I'll get to go to heaven and be with Heavenly Father and Jesus. And then someday we'll be together again in heaven.

[Apparantly, this was not his prime concern today] J: But I don't want mommies to die! Who will drive the cars?!?

M: Oh, there will be plenty of people to drive you places when Mommy dies. Hopefully, when I die you'll be more than old enough to drive yourself.

J: Why can't I drive now?

M: You have to be 16 to drive. Don't worry. It will come soon enough and you'll be able to drive the car.

J: Okay!

And he skipped off happily.

Kids are awesome:)

After gardening, I utilized Bret's Father's day present and enjoyed these views-

-and the birds singing. It's absolutely perfect weather today!
Then Jonz climbed under the hammock and started poking me in the leg, anxious for his turn to lay down. So we sat in the hammock together, while he jumped up every few minutes to collect something from the yard and request a picture of it.

Saturday- so far so good. Off to put together burgers for Bret to grill.
Hope Saturday has treated you nicely, too!

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Just Breathe said...

It sounds like a perfect day. Love the conversation with your son. Thank you for stopping over and visiting with me. Very nice to meet you.