Saturday, July 11, 2009

Late again!

Yes, it's Friday. Yes, the weekly installment of Thankful Thursday was supposed to be posted yesterday. But I have had no internet access for a week (which has been quite nice!) so this Thankful Thursday is a day late and a bit short because I'm uber-dee-doober tired and need to get to bed. I just looked at the clock, technically it's I'm two days late.

I am thankful today for quality soda. The kind that comes in glass bottles. Few things help to unwind so efficiently at the end of a hectic day like a good, cold soda. It's been a day and I'm glad it's over and that I have this little luxury to enjoy before I crash for the evening. Find a comfortable seat and sip a cold one (soda, people!:)) and join in the relaxation.

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