Thursday, April 3, 2014

Smell that? It's April. Breathe it in.

The change of months is very refreshing to me. The first of every month feels like a pat on the back:

"Good job, Lindsey! Look at everything that you've accomplished. Another month down. Go team!"

It quantifiable progress.

The change over from March to April was particularly satisfying this year. April just feels more hopeful and happy. General Conference happens in April. There's an annual conference Bret goes to in April and the family is tagging along. The boys' spring break is in April and we're spending it up north. There's April birthdays. Spring flowers. We're supposed to get siding, brick, windows, and doors on this house this month.

Oh. And just this little holiday called EASTER.

April is hopeful. April is happy. April is progress.

Okay every month is progress, but let me feel like there's something special about April:)

Today I'm thankful for April.

What are you thankful for?

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