Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Because venting is so 2013.

I know I haven't blogged in a couple weeks. I'd give viable excuses, but you wouldn't care so I won't bother wasting my time or yours.

You're welcome.

Today was not an "I enjoy being a mother" day.

Today was an "I don't think I'm cracked up for this gig" day.

Poop. Dirt. Goathead thorns. Dirty laundry. Dirty dishes. Runny noses. Filthy fingernails. Lying. Whining. Crying. Pouting. Entitlement. Lost forever jacket and lunchbox. Constant questions.

And if I have to remind any of my children one more time that we don't lie, whine, drink drinks that aren't ours (especially in public or construction zones), eat random things off the floor (especially at stores), ride bikes without helmets, put our feet in other people's face, hit anyone in the face or the head, or have poor hygiene (wash. your. hannnnnds!) I seriously might explode.

Granted, these weren't all offenses of today. But they are the culmination of two days hard battle and years of consistent war.

It doesn't help that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I think we all did.

Today is a grumpy day.

I still love my children. I still wouldn't trade them for anything. I still love my 24/7 job.

Everyone has days like this. I wish understanding that made it easier.

All children are now in bed and I am holding out hope for tomorrow.

Goodnight, moon.

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