Friday, April 19, 2013

Day late, dollar short

Whoops.  Yesterday was Thursday and I didn't post.

As the Canadians say, "Sorry."

And so I pause on this Friday evening and declare my gratitude for ice cream.

Ice cream is made in heaven and gifted to us mortals.

It's good for the soul and I mourn for those who cannot digest dairy products who are unable to enjoy the frozen awesomeness.

Thank you, ice cream, for the many times you have softened life's hard knocks and made the normal wear and tear of daily living more enjoyable.

Tell me your favorite ice cream flavor- go!


Lindsey said...

Moosetracks. Cookie dough. Cookies and Cream. Oreo mint. Vanilla bean.

They're too good to choose just one favorite!

Bret said...

Thrifty's Coconut-Pineapple. Although, I think it always tasted better because it was a special treat I got to share with my Grandpa when I was little.

IsThisThingOn? said...

I gotta go with cookie dough. Has always been and still is a fave. Pretty much every time I get a craving for ice cream, it's specifically cor cookie dough.

Jar and Steph said...

Rocky Road!!! (With whole marshmallows, not marshmallows swirled in. Big difference there. :)

Emnacnud said...

chocolate and nuts, or just nuts and i am good no fave just love any with nuts.